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If a tenant has a mixer in his apartment, then you will most likely have to deal with such a problem. If a tenant, who organized a treatment room for taking tests in the premises, has a tap running, then he calls the master at his own expense, without involving the owner casinosenligneca.

It seems that a commercial space is more difficult to rent, but in fact it may take a little longer to rent than a one-room apartment, but it will definitely quickly pay for the difference in downtime.

Imagine that you have 6.500.000 rubles and the opportunity to buy:

1. one-room apartment with decoration near the metro station in Moscow;

2. the room is already with an existing tenant (GAB) in the region.

Under the first option, your income from renting out such an apartment will hardly exceed 450,000 rubles a year.

In the second option, as I already gave an example above, for 6,500,000 rubles you can buy a room of 100-130 square meters in a regional city with a population of 40,000-60,000 people, receiving from the tenant a flow of up to 1,000,000 rubles a year.

Let's imagine a case when your commercial premises, after the purchase, stood waiting for a tenant for six months. So even in the next six months you will receive as much as you would have received from renting an apartment. As a rule, a contract with a tenant who needs a permit from Rospotrebnadzor is not concluded for one year, since the permit is issued for a period corresponding to the concluded lease agreement. Therefore, such a tenant rarely moves out after a year. And in this case, from the second year of delivery, you will already double your income than if you rented an apartment in Moscow.


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