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Sign-up time for cooking classes!

Don't forget to sign up for our cooking classes, spaces are limited!

• Tuesday October 23rd – 10am-1pm - $50 – “Sweet and Savory Soufflés”

Soufflés are easier to make than you think! In this class you will master all the tricks for perfectly risen and delicious sweet and savory souffles.

• Thursday November 1st – 10am-1pm - $50 – “Sweet and Savory Tarts”

In this class we will cover three different doughs, savory "pâte brisée", "pâte feuilletée" and a sweet "pâte sablée".

• Tuesday November 13th – 10am-2pm OR Sunday December 2nd - 2pm-6pm- $60 – “Holiday Dinner”

If you are in need of new ideas for your Holiday dinner, this class is for you!

Reserve your spot now @

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