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"Bûche de Noël" is a traditional french log shaped cake. Ours is a modern version with either a lemon-raspberry, chestnut-chocolate, chocolate-praliné (Hazelnut) or all dark chocolate flavored mousse with an almond cake base (nut free option available). We offer two sizes: 6 person for $35 or 10 person for $55. See below for this year's selection. You have the option of picking up your bûche fresh (to serve within 24hrs for best presentation) or frozen (to eat it at later date).

This year we offer 4 different flavor combinations:

• Lemon-Raspberry

• Chestnut-Chocolate

• Chocolate-Praliné (Hazelnut)

• All Dark Chocolate

You can choose from two sizes: 6 person for $35 or 10 person for $55.

Click Here to order yours. Order soon, quantities are limited!

Your order will be confirmed once we receive your down payment of 50%. Checks can be made to Simply French Cuisine and sent to 10709 Adventure Lane, Cincinnati OH 45242.

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