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• Thursday, March 19th – 10:00am-1pm - $50/pers – “Sweet and Savory Crepes”

Come learn how to make sweet and savory crepes. In this class we will have a gluten-free buckwheat version as well as a traditional recipe. We will have a variety of savory and sweet toppings, everyone will find their new favorites. Kid friendly class.

• Wednesday March 25th - 10am-1pm- $50 – “Plant-Based II”

Want to incorporate more tasty and healthy plant-based recipes in your diet? This class is for you! We will make a delicious plant based shepherd's pie, served with a bed of greens and a homemade creamy cashew dressing. We will end our meal with a creamy vanilla chia pudding. All these are also gluten free. Your taste buds are sure to be delighted.

• Thursday April 2nd - 10am-1pm- $60 – “Easy Batch Dinners”

Want to learn to make quick, easy, tasty and healthy dinners? This is the class for you. In this batch cooking class we will grill and steam a variety of veggies. We will make dinners with both chicken and beef. We will show you how to diversify your recipes with a few variations to make multiple meals. All these are also gluten free.

• Wednesday April 15th - 10am-12:30pm- $50 – “Risotto”

Learn the art of making risotto with two of our favorites, a mushroom risotto and an asparagus risotto. Both of them will have the option to be plant-based as well. We will end our meal with a refreshing orange salad. All these recipes are gluten free. We promise that your taste buds will be delighted.

Sign-up at to reserve your spot!

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